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We are a Top Rated Carport Covers Company installing Aluminum Carports of all sizes on the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas at affordable prices.


What are Carport Covers?

Carport Covers are a covered structure that protects vehicles and supplies from the rain, snow, and sun. A Carport usually consist of several posts with a roof overhead. Carports can be attached to the side of a building or can be free-standing. It can be placed on cement or anchored in the ground. More importantly, if your car is protected, you and your passengers are also protected. Carport Covers allow you and your passengers to enter and exit your automobile safely and comfortably in virtually any weather. You can experience all of these benefits without the expense or hassle of building a traditional garage. Our aluminum carports are affordable, assemble quickly and are highly durable.

We build sturdy and attractive aluminum carport covers.
Free-standing carport cover

What are Aluminum Carport Covers Good For?

The Aluminum Carport Covers for sale here are good for parking your car, truck, farm equipment, RV, and other vehicles while protecting them from the snow, hail, rain, wind, and blazing sun. Rain and snow can cause your vehicle to develop rust, resulting in costly repairs, and the tires can become weathered and dry rot or crack when a vehicle is parked outside without protection. Keeping your vehicle under one of our metal carports can help to keep it in good condition. Aluminum carports are ideal for sheltering bicycles, boats, motorcycles, campers and more from the harsh and ever changing weather.

Our Carport covers can also be used as a boat cover.
Boat Cover / Carport Cover

What Sets Our Metal Carports Apart?

Our metal carport kits are custom-built, so you can decide the width, length, and leg height for your new structure. Oasis Exterior Solutions offers a wide array of color choices to help you construct the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing aluminum carport. Constructed to be affordable, maintenance free, attractive and custom fit to match your home or businesses architecture. Our all aluminum interlocking metal panels offer minimal fasteners to inhibit rust and corrosion and provide a smooth, elegant appearance while the interlocking connection prevents leaks.

Aluminum awnings for homes are most often used as a patio cover or as a carport cover or protection for your BBQ area, but there are other uses such as a covered workshop, a shed for protecting lawn or pool equipment or anything else that needs a cover over it.

Key Features

  • Very affordable
  • Will not rot or deteriorate
  • Maintenance free and rust free
  • Clean attractive styling
  • No concern of termite damage
  • Standard available colors: White, Ivory, Bronze, SandStone, Adobe

Benefits of an Aluminum Carport

One benefit is improved Property Value. For those who purchase a house with the thought of eventually selling it, an aluminum carport cover is a great way to increase your property value without having to spend a lot of money on building a traditional garage or carport. Nothing beats an easy, enjoyable way to increase your return on what you have invested in your home.

Another benefit of owning aluminum carport covers is easy access. Our metal carport kits are an ideal alternative if you don’t want the hassle of locking and unlocking your storage space. There’s no garage door to open and shut or door keys to keep track of with one of our aluminum carport covers.

Why use Oasis Exterior Solutions?

We are top rated for a reason. At Oasis, we value customer service above all else. We are here 24/7 to work with you to decide on a design, work on your budget, and get your metal carport cover construction completed in record time. We’ve combined our extensive construction knowledge, high-quality materials, and customer service skills to give you the best possible experience while you make this important addition to your home. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with the end result, and we’re here to make this experience as pleasant as it can be for you!

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Service Areas

We provide our Carport Cover services in Gulfport MS, Long Beach MS, Biloxi MS, Picayune Ms, Ocean Springs MS, Bay Saint Louis MS, Hattiesburg MS, Slidell LA, Covington LA, Mobile AL, Daphne AL, and all surrounding areas

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